Empowering commerce with AGI Copilot. From the start, Akool has sought to change the world for the better through technology that empowers commerce with AGI copilot. High quality content creation is beyond reach for majority business. Akool GAI content platform helps them automatically write commerce texts, edit images and videos, create avatars and so on.
Commerce focused, state of the art technology We focus on commerce and help business to unlock hidden potential from high quality content and digitalization. Our focus makes us able to create an supreme experience for our clients by utilizing domain data, domain knowledge and domain use cases. Our AI copilot helps business to pursue their loftiest goals.

The AI technologies, especially generative AI technologies, are developing fast. We have a team of experts onboard and develops the state of the art technologies in this field. What’s more, we tailored them to best serve commerce.
Our AGI copilot helps commerce better reach and understand customers. Businesses succeed when they win customers. Our mission is to deliver it.
We help commerce to better reach customers with auto created high quality content, and help commerce to better understand customers through digitalization and statistics. It’s almost impossible for small business to create high quality content. They cannot afford it for both cost and time. Our Akool GAI content platform could help them create high quality and customized texts, images, videos and avatars with a single click.
A jump to the cloud. A leap of magic. Unleashed computation power. Akool was born to be on the cloud. It unleashes huge amount of computation power and powers the needs of generative AI and high quality digitalization. Our applications are powered by large machine learning models to be more accurate, creative, realistic and diverse. Reaching the ultimate quality and most suitable for commerce usage are the goals for each Akool product.
Collaboration and network effects. Cloud oriented solution makes it easy to collaborate on Akool and enjoy the benefits of network effects. Akool products allow multiple users to login in the joint accounts and work on the same project at the same time. Our watermarks and share ability allows users to grow exponentially with network effects. These brings users lots of convenience and facilitate their team work productivity. The community is also Akool’s valuable asset.
“With Akool as our partner, we trust them to take us on a journey to success. We can create extraordinary experiences for our customers and that will move us forward.”
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