Executive introduction
Jiajun Lu, CEO Vision, Strategy, Product
Jiajun is an expert in artificial intelligence, especially GAI. He founded the company based on the intersection of expertise and connection needs. He was an early member of two B+ round startups (Nreal, Xhey), and worked at Google, Apple and Stanford. He obtained PLDA (EMBA alternative) from HBS and PhD at UIUC CS.
Team Members
Deepa Sureka Business Development, Operations and People
Jia Li Technology,Product
David Forsyth Technology, Research
Li Jiang Strategy
Chi Xu Advisory
Jacky Zhou Engineering
Kenny Xie Research
Justin Zhen Business Development, Marketing
Klein Guo Product
Cinco Feng Marketing
Dongdong Guo Engineering
Chao Zheng Engineering
Chen Hu Engineering
Zoey Zhang Marketing
Yanhao Ge Technology
Shahid Muneer Engineering
Hengxin Dong Design
Sinsong Zhang Engineering
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